Standard: My highest hope is that coaching will help you make plans that easily translate into action and accomplishment. The number of sessions needed to reach that point varies by client.


Clients who begin coaching with a narrow, specific goal can get the work done in four-six sessions. Clients who have broader goals often work with me for eight or more sessions. A small number of clients use coaching to accomplish one goal and then decide they want to continue to tackle more goals because they see the value of the process. These clients work with me off and on for years. 

Example 1: Katrina was overwhelmed by figuring out which of three communities to move to. In four sessions, she picked the location and created a plan for making new friends in her new town. 

Example 2: Terry came to me because he knew people thought he was a jerk and he wanted to change that. He wanted people to genuinely like him. This kind of work involves perspective shifts and ongoing practice with new tools that take time. This level of coaching takes a minimum of eight sessions. 

Coaching is $68 per one-hour session. I offer a sweet discount when clients commit to four sessions at a time. If you are interested in the four-session prepaid rate, ask me about it during our strategy session. 


New College Graduates: I offer steep discounts to new college graduates. If that applies to you, ask me about it. This rate does not apply to parents of new graduates who are buying services for their young adult.