As your coach, I create safe, trusting spaces, so you can honestly set fears, worries, failures and pressure aside. This safety opens up mental space to see options and possibilities. From there, we make realistic plans to turn possibilities into reality. 

My clients don't need advice. They just need support in trusting their own best judgment. They needa little confidence to define success on their own terms.

Your goals matter. Let's get to work.



Burned out on goal-setting? 

I work with clients who are tired of goal setting as they know it. To them GOAL is a 4-letter word that leaves them numb or skeptical. My clients don't need advice. They just need support in trusting their own best judgment. They need safe spaces to define success on their own terms.

Sick of thinking a lot about a challenge, but never making a decision?

  • Should I take that promotion? 

  • I'm retired. Now what? 

  • I have what I want, so why do I feel conflicted?

Tired of unfinished projects? 

Has another year passed and you still haven't written that book or run that marathon? Did the number on the scale go up instead of down? Did the business you hoped to create or sell stay exactly the same? I can help you with that. Often the hardest part is knowing where to start.

Tools you will learn 

  • Set realistic timelines and goals.

  • Honestly face potential roadblocks.

  • Learn how to celebrate small successes.

  • Stop judging and start accepting the gifts in your life. 

How it works 

It begins with a free 30-minute strategy session. That is your chance to talk about your situation and find out how coaching will help you learn to love your goals again and get moving on them.  If you like what you hear, we would work together for an hour every one to two weeks. 

I work with most clients by phone or video call. Clients in the greater Grand Rapids area have the option of working together face to face. 


Stop fighting with life. Instead wrap your arms around all of it 

Anne Hamming

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Normally, this is the spot where you would book a free 30-minute strategy session. But these are not normal times and I am booked up with existing clients. Check back in May 2021 for new client openings.

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